About Us



Charles Crawford Jr CEO

Atlanta, GA

(Writer/Web Designer/Music Producer)


Rachel Scalise CEO

Orlando, FL

(Copy Writer/Blogger/Web Designer)



Slogan Makers was originated in 2019. The two owners Rachel and Charles decided to start a company based on their strongest skill sets.

With the duo being exceptional writers and having a passion for web design, it only made sense for them to form the Slogan Makers alliance.

The two are very dedicated and hard working individuals that enjoy helping others establish clarity.

Slogan Makers’ mission is to provide the services needed for small and large businesses to ensure memorability.

Our Skills

We create exclusive slogans, jingles, and websites for small and large businesses to help them be remembered for years to come. We provide re-branding services for business owners and investors to ensure the alignment of their company and it’s growth.

We appreciate your feedback. It helps us to know how to better serve you.


  • Copy Writing – Slogans
  • Website Design
  • Re-Branding Services
  • Song Writing – Jingles


We Make It Our Business

To Help Yours