Frequently Asked Questions



Why does my company need a slogan?

As your company grows, it becomes increasingly important to stand out above the crowd of competitors. Your business strategy should include expanding reach and memorability as it becomes more and more difficult in a competitive market to make a name for yourself. 

Some of the most popular brands and products get their popularity from a catchy slogan or phrase that explains their mission or objective. Even causes and campaigns have slogans or catchy jingles.

What services do you provide?

We provide exclusive slogans, jingles, websites, and re-branding services to help companies improve their business strategy. 

How soon can I recieve my order?

Typically we will have your order finished in 3 weeks or less depending on the size of the job. After that you will have one week from that time to have us do any revisions.

If you need your order done sooner, please just send us a message and let us know.

Do I own the copyrights to the slogans?

Slogans and catchphrases cannot be copywritten. Although when you tie them to your brand or cause, you can get them trademarked. You can find out more information about getting a trademark for your slogan on the web.

What do I need for the Website Design?

You will need a website domain name and hosting for us to start work on your website. You can purchase a domain name at Namecheap and you can find hosting there.

WordPress will be installed on the site. If you have a theme you would like to use, please provide in consultation phase. If not, we have free premium themes to upload on the site. Check out some additional themes here.

We will require the website copy if you have your own. If you would like it customized, we can consult with what you need.